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Facebook can be a great way to grow your downline and to build your business, but most people are doing it the wrong way.  In this article we are going to talk about some of the strategies that you can implement immediately so that you can use Facebook as the tool that it is – a way to communicate and create a community of like-minded individuals.

Most people who are trying to use Facebook to grow their downline and build their business, are doing so drastically in the wrong fashion.  They are not using it as the tool it was intended to be.  I’m sure you’ve seen this in action, or maybe even have done this yourself.

I’m sure you’ve seen people post updates or messages on your board about the “latest and greatest” opportunity to grow your downline that’s come their way.  This is not the strategy you want to use if you are using Facebook to grow your downline.  The objective of Facebook when used properly has nothing to do with spamming people with spamming people with your business opportunity and trying to cram it down their throats.

The key to properly using Facebook to grow your downline is to build a large number of friends and, equally important, to be sure those friends have a genuine interest in you.  When I say “you” I mean YOU — not your business or how much money they can make with your opportunity.  You want them to desire a mutually beneficial relationship with you, so that they will want to read what you write and read the content you’re sharing.

One effective way of gaining new friends on Facebook (the kind who will lead to you being able to grow your downline), is to visit “like” pages that are in your niche market.  So say you are marketing a weight loss product.  Go to pages related to that subject matter that a lot of people like, and invite some of the people who like that page to be your friend. 

Now every time you post something about yourself, it will show up in the news feed of each of those new friends.  Of course, not everyone you invite to be your friend will accept your friend request, but I have found that about 75% of those people I invite do accept.  You can see how this would be an effective way to use Facebook to grow your downline.  The key, though, is not to blow the opportunity to grow your downline by using your new platform as a chance to try and shove your business opportunity down your new friends’ throats.

Using Facebook to grow your downline is about cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship.  “Mutually” is the optimum word here.  You want to focus solely on providing value and meaningful content to these friends about things about which they want to know more.  So going back to our weight loss example, you are only concerned with finding new friends who are concerned about losing weight.  Once these people are your friends, you should only be concerned with providing good content about weight loss or sharing personal stories about yourself.

Part of our mission is to hopefully go viral through this process (which is part of how you grow your downline using Facebook).  When you provide a lot of value and insightful information, your posts (and you) will go viral.  Friends will start sharing your stuff with their friends.  You will create a massive amount of momentum, because you will be viewed as a problem-solver (as opposed to someone try to “sell” or push something). 

At the core of this is the concept of what I call “pull-based marketing.”  You are are attracting and pulling people in to you, because you are creating genuine interest in you by the information and solutions you are offering.  Pull-based marketing is the secret to how to grow your downline using Facebook.

Compare this to what I call “push-based marketing.”  That is what most people are taught to do, especially in MLM businesses.  Push-based marketing is what is typical in MLM businesses.  Don’t be typical — do what will get you the result you want, i.e., to grow your downline!

In conclusion, Facebook is not designed to be used as a spamming tool.  It can be highly effective IF we use it to cultivate relationships with people all over the world.  Use it to grow your downline by using it as the tool it was intended to be, and you will generate more leads than you ever imagined. 

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