The Logic and Concept behind Facebook Marketing and fan buying

To increase the number of people following you or who are your fans is very difficult. So when talking about the Facebook Marketing … how about a good option to buy facebook fans??

Logic and concept: Only 1/10th of the people liking the rock bands or their music actually understand rock music. The rest of the so called ‘love them’ kind of fan following is just a result of marketing and following what is been followed widely. And the fan following would increase regularly because the non listeners would get in touch with the fans or see the increasing number of fans and so not to not be let behind would also try and be a part of the crowd and be a fan.

For example when you go to buy a car or for that matter even a tooth paste, what do you go for? Some unknown, unheard name that might be present in the market for even centuries may be but has never been heard of or something that the world uses, something that you can find and buy anywhere, rather say a brand that is visible almost everywhere. Doesn’t the visibility factor account for also the credibility of that name? So this is where the entire visibility and the marketing comes to play a major role and when talking about them, now a days there are various means available to target people at different fronts. Be it the television fans, be the radio listeners, the people passing on through the street looking at the hoardings or even the people reading those news paper advertisements. Finding people, targeting them, bringing your brand into their visibility and making them familiar about it is all that any advertizing would tar,get to achieve. Well with this being the case even the social networking sites have become a good pool to find people.

There’s also one very unique feature in advertizing in these social networking sites say may be the facebook marketing and that is that you don’t have to always give an advertisement to be visible or to be followed. When we are just talking about the following, visibility and familiarity, these sites also provide with a feature of fan following when people can come and join you and follow you, recommend to others and so on … all of which exactly solve all the purpose and intent of advertizing. But initial thoughts of joining or following when you just find 10 or say 20 odd people following that page, are quite obvious. And so as to avoid this it is very wise to buy facebook fans for that matter. Because looking at the increasing number of fans regularly, there will also be an increase in the number of peope recommending those pages.

People would want to be a fan when they find a good number of people becoming a fan of that page/brand/celebrity. And this would automatically generate the Public Faith! Wouldn’t that be something you were always looking for???

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