Astonish your Friends with Cool Facebook Status Applications and Tricks

Astonish your Friends with Cool Facebook Status Applications and Tricks
How strong is your friend list in Facebook? Do you want to impress your friends? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss here. Let’s look at some pretty cool Facebook status tricks and ideas to astonish your long list of friends and leave them amused.

How often do you update your Facebook status? Is it once a day or once in two days? The truth is there are only a handful of Facebook users who don’t update their Facebook status on a daily basis. If you don’t fall in that category, don’t you feel that your friends might get uninterested seeing the same jaded Facebook status each and every day? So to jazz up your Facebook wall, you will require some cool Facebook status pranks. It can be either twisting your text or rotating it upside down or inverting the color, there are lots of ideas that you can apply to your Facebook status. Here, let’s talk about some trendy status tricks for your Facebook.

Customizing “Like” Button
I’m sure you must have seen the “Like” button at the bottom right corner of every post in your Facebook page and you know what it is for. But, have you seen a “Dislike” button? Well, you can customize one. To do that, just open the application of status magic and then you can add a “Dislike” button. You can even customize that by adding some other emotional verbs like, “Boring”, “Wicked “or “Cool”. This will give your friends more options than just “liking” your post. I feel, this is one of the pretty coolest Facebook status ideas till date and let me tell you, I was able to please my friends.

Status Update with Word Cloud
Have you ever tried the World Cloud status update? These Facebook status tricks will definitely going to knock your friends down. Open and start the Status Analyzer 3D application in Facebook.  This application will check all your latest updates and then generates a colorful and animated word cloud containing a list of words that you have been using recently. You can either post this in your own wall or in any of your friend’s wall.

Make your Status Text read Upside down
I have seen some of my friends posting their status with text upside down. I find it cool! Facebook doesn’t offer any application that will turn your status text upside down. But there are some external applications you may find in websites like or

Adding Smiley Faces and Symbols
By typing Alt + 3, you can add heart symbol to your Facebook status but not the other yellow smiley faces. If you want to add other symbols, just copy and paste it through other websites like web-happy and universal symbols.

Tagging Friends in Facebook Status Updates
I bet you know how to tag a friend in photos. But have you tried to tag a friend on your Facebook status update. Type ‘@’ first and then followed by the name of your friend you want to tag in your wall, that’s it. After that, if you click the share button, the name of your friend will change into blue, i.e., into a hyperlink.

As you will agree Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social networking site in the world today. With these cool applications and tricks, you can make your status updates more interesting and pleasant.

By: Francis David

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