Take A Notice Before Using Facebook For Your Marketing Campaign

Today, Facebook has more users and is visited more than Google on a daily basis. If that doesn’t make your marketing income sit up and consider, than I don’t know what will happen. But Facebook’s massive popularity has to be monumental plus for us business owners, right? Does it mean that all of us can forget about your goolge page ranking, and pay-per-click campaigns and just concentrate on your marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social networks? Well, not so fast. Before you use the plug on your current marketing efforts, you should have a careful looking at whether a facebook marketing campaign is suitable for your business.


With any type of advertising or marketing, the first thing you’ve got to understand is your target audience. There are many different types of businesses in the world. They take on as many shapes and sizes as you can imagine. Each with their own unique target market and client base. One of the biggest factors to successfully attracting the right customers is understanding who they are, where they are, and what they want.


Here’s a great example. The other day a plumber contacted me about putting together a Facebook marketing campaign. He wanted to aggressively use Facebook and Twitter to attract new customers and build his client base. Sounds like the perfect plan, right? Well, maybe not.


Social networks are great ways to promote businesses and products that people naturally get excited about, and use on repeat basis. It would be great to have people “follow” or “like” your new coffee shop, but can you imagine anyone getting pumped – no pun intended – about a new plumbing service your offering? Or could you imagine people re-tweeting info about your new dental hygiene floss?


When it comes to marketing, people care about what they care about. Not what you care about. And they get excited about things they really like. Such as an awesome new sandwich that your restaurant is offering at 50% for everyone who mentions your latest tweet. They don’t get excited about having their septic system backwashed with some new hyperbolic drainage pump.


There are two key elements in evaluating if social media marketing is a good fit for your business. First, is your product or services something that people frequently use on a repeat basis. Second, does it have any buzz or sex appeal that people can get excited about? In other words, are you selling something that people really desire and want to buy. Or is it a product or service that they would prefer not to spend their money on but are forced to out of necessity.

Great examples of businesses that can really benefit from social media marketing are coffee shops, music groups, trendy restaurants, new novels, and mail order brownies.


Some businesses that might make a terrible fit are funeral homes, plumbers, crime scene cleanup and urgent care facilities. While these are all important services, people use them when they really need them. Probably not too many people text message their friends about the cool new funeral home that just opened and how they can’t wait to try it out.



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