Some Tips To Increase Sales Through Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is an easy and efficient new approach of Internet Marketing for web advertiser from many industries, like hotel, travel, food, beverages, automobiles, music, beauty and fashion, software, designer brands and more! Advertiser using Facebook Ads, the most updated trend in web promotion and sales conversions have experienced proven success across diverse industries since Facebook Ads become a popular and meaningful way for online business owners to contact with their customers for longer time periods.


Schoen, from Facebook explains what makes its Ads a truly targeted platform for marketers: ‘We know we’re going to see a person the next day or the day after,” which is a completely different approach to SEM that is typically dependant on one-hit wonder type searches by internet seekers of a product or service.


Advanced targeted marketing information, available to advertisers by researching profiles of Facebook users interested in specific products or services a web business owner deals in enables them to target and connect with these Facebook users, most of whom have well developed profiles with clearly stated interests, indicated by groups, causes or likes posted on various Facebook pages.


This researching of a targeted consumer base available on Facebook helps convert clicks into customers via use of Facebook Ads more successfully and faster than AdWords!!


How to use Facebook Ads – Tips For Web Business Owners


Facebook Ads works on the auction system and is similar to AdWords. As an advertiser on the web, you can bid on keywords, sticking within the maximum daily budget or you can choose a CPM basis bid type for display ads. Depending on their contextual relevance, your ads will appear on different places on Facebook, such as news feeds members have opted for, along a strip of pages they click on, photo album top or bottom pages etc.
Since you as an advertisers get to select your target audience on Facebook, you can choose broad or narrowed (specific) search criterion for your target market, such as a certain pants retailer did! Bonobos chose keywords like Cubs, Baseball, Chicago Cubs (their product was a blue pant with white belt and name inscription retailing at $ 210) and they chose to Illinois based people in a certain age group, picked from their Facebook profiles to view their ads!
You can even select gender, education level and hobbies in addition to geographic details depending on your specific or broader search and target consumer outreach program using Facebook ads and choose widgets, like one popular coffee shop chain did – and generate loads of sign ups for their special festival event or encourage users to become “Fans” of the brand! Using widgets helps web business advertisers enhance online brand presence and also learn about behavioral targeting, which is a great long-term customer retention strategy.

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