Electric Cigarette – Best For Smoking On A Long Flight!

You read right, yes, you can smoke while on a long flight now! No, they haven’t changed the law, you cannot bring actual cigarettes onboard with you and light up, don’t even try it, you can get arrested. However, with the new electronic cigarettes you can actually have the pleasure of smoking on board! Recently with research stating how many lives cigarette smoke takes each year, governments worldwide have become very strict about smoking cigarettes in public.

Many smokers are feeling left out when they go to the pub, shopping, dancing, flying, and much more, because they are forbidden to smoke and must either step out, or grit their teeth and wait until they have the opportunity. Have you been stuck in a situation where you cannot smoke? Public transportation, visiting someone, or just sitting at the pub and having a quick beer, with no cigarette in your hand. Purchase an electronic cigarette and you no longer have to bite your nails, chew gum, or suffer through any more nicotine free moments.

Electronic cigarettes were created with the sole purpose to encourage people to stop smoking. Many people aren’t as addicted to the nicotine as they are to the actual fixation of holding and puffing on a cigarette. This is why the patches, gums, or just holding back in general does not work. If you are used to smoking a cigarette when driving or even talking, you will have a very difficult time quitting because you will feel like you are missing an arm without your cigarette. Many have tried to quit by holding an unlit cigarette in their hand, however, not only does that look unnatural, but its frustrating when they fool themselves into trying to puff and find that there is nothing on the other side. An electronic cigarette offers everything a smoker needs, whether they are looking to quit cigarettes altogether or just be able to enjoy a cigarette in a public place.

Electronic cigarettes are offered with several levels of nicotine potency. This is great for people interested in quitting smoking because not only will they find themselves smoking less each day with the electronic cigarette, but they can actually control the nicotine levels they intake. So, if you smoke very strong cigarettes, you can start off at the highest nicotine level, and then gradually drop the level as you catch yourself smoking less.

You will be surprised how well it works and how easy it can be to quit smoking, or at least reach zero levels of nicotine. Also, if you worry that you wont like the flavour of the cigarettes, there are plenty of choices you can select from, there are all the common and popular blends and tastes including menthol. Did we mention that the e-cig also features a red light at the end which gives it that extra touch making it look like a real cigarette, plus, there’s smoke, well it’s non-harmful vapour actually, but it looks like smoke!

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