Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats – Explore the Secrets to Advance Facebook Mobs

For every computer games that are available either online or off-line, some secret codes are used to get ahead of the players very quickly in the game. For this purpose, certain strategies named, “Facebook mafia wars cheats” are used for moving ahead in the game to make a wealthy mob.

In general players or readers will be provided with an onslaught of sites containing the secret codes. Players can also use some scripts available over the Internet to advance faster in the game.

Grow the family:

In general, players who wish to play games with Facebook mafia wars cheats strategy form mob families by sending invitations to other Facebook members, asking them to join the family. If there are more members in a mob family, then it is said to be very strong. The most important key to advance in the game is to grow the mob family as big as possible. This can be done in two ways:

• Invitation is sent to all players to join the family
• Using “add me” pages available in Facebook, to other players
• Reciprocate when the players join mob family.

Family Defense:

Every family member has to defend themselves and it is the responsibility of the boss to make sure that every member possesses the necessary tools.

Once the family starts accumulating wealth, the boss must sure that every team member posses defensive tools. Initially the funds will be low in Facebook mafia wars cheats. The boss should be keep on increasing the wealth of the family.

Increase the wealth:

There are different strategies followed by the boss for accumulating wealth. In some cases the families may focus on jobs and payouts, while other families may concentrate in acquiring the property. Such strategies will help to increase the wealth of the family

Using points strategically:

Players will be awarded with point on crossing every level. This can be used by the players to increase certain attributes like attack, defense and a lot more.

As said above, Mafia Wars is a popular game played online. Do you wish to explore more about this game? Well, go ahead and read my article on Facebook mafia wars cheats and learn some secrets to advance to higher levels in mafia.

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