Can You Win At The Dog Track? Don’t Bet On It Unless You Have An Angle

Do you think that it’s possible to predict the winner of a dog race? Well, a lot of people think so. In spite of the fact that dog track attendance has been declining, thousands of people still fill the stands every day, almost all of them trying to make money by picking winners.

Most of the bettors lose, mainly because they play lucky numbers or just pick at dog at random, because they like its name or its post position. The only people who make money at the track are the people who know the secret of picking winners.

It’s not rocket science. All you have to do is work at it. That’s exactly what most people aren’t willing to do, which is why greyhound handicappers like me do better than the crowd. You can do it too. Anybody can learn the basic handicapping steps that can help you find winners on any program.

The thing is that most people are lazy. They want someone to tell them which dog is going to win in every race. So they buy “automatic” handicapping software and systems and tip sheets. What a waste of money! If tip sheets really picked winners, everyone who bought them would have them and they wouldn’t pay anything.

As for automatic systems and software… There’s nothing that will automatically pick winners with no effort or time on the part of the user. Remember that computers are fast, but they’re only as smart as the people who program them. Therefore, they’re no better at picking dogs than a good handicapper is.

The secret to picking winners is the same as it’s always been. Class, speed, post position, running style, pace and the ability to see how the race will play out are all factors. Then there are angles – little insider tricks that tell you that a dog is more likely to win than another dog.

That’s not the kind of thing a computer program or a tip sheet can tell you. That’s something you have to learn from someone who figured it out from years of hard work, research and analysis. It’s also something that you can figure out the same way – through years of effort and time.

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