With these facts undoubtedly no matter what you are promoting or selling many of certainly your prospective clients are in Facebook. Imagine if you can convert 1% of the possible followers it is a huge cost free marketing arena that anyone could be foolish to ignore. In event if you are not there it is highly probable that your competitors are.

So what are the secrets of monetizing Facebook Marketing? The best move will be that you create relationships and eventually revenue? Check out the some top brand like Coca-Cola, Disney and Red Bull user’s gains in the last six months using FaceBook Marketing

 Wondering how to begin. The first and the most common way to leverage Facebook to market your product is to use their social ads. This ensures you won’t be having random people clicking your ad, but your click-through-rate will naturally increase. You can also create pages and groups on Facebook related to your business and give information on it. Invite you’re own friends and fans on your business page.

Finally some whooping statistics for your reference:

· – Coca – cola gets 4 fans every second from Facebook.

· – Dell claims that their Facebook presence led to three million dollar of sales.

· – Dunkin Donuts was able to create 800,000 fans through social media and thus an increase in their sales.

· – Lenova used social media and reduced 20% in call centre activity as their customers go to community website.

– 25% of Fords marketing spent is on Digital and Social Media.

You need a high powered expertise team who can help you to identify establish and grow market and also open new market channels. http://kloudsocial.com is pioneers in this domain. We have experience teams working with a wide variety of markets, from home based and Micro start ups to real estate giants and from financial consulting companies to toy market.

With this information, there are benefits to having Facebook presence. Facebook popularity doesn’t require explanation, nor does the opportunity cost of losing a new market.

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