Most Popular Movie Stars on Facebook

During the years of its existence, Facebook has become the most effective way for people to communicate and share interests. The website is also used as a manner for movie stars to show their photos, introduce their new films as well as promote their fame and draw the attention of fans. These famous people are named as the most popular movie stars on Facebook.

People may be surprised when Vin Diesel is named as the hottest star on Facebook. However, the actor gains this title because he uses Facebook to communicate with fans everyday. Vin Diesel is well-known for his leading role in the series films “The Fast and the Furious”.

Vin Diesel

Adam Sandler rises to fame through several Hollywood featured movies. “Big Daddy” star seems so busy making films that he hasn’t been updated for a period of time.

Will Smith, a talented movie actor, is also a TV star, a successful rapper cum a dancer. There is no surprise when everyone loves this nice guy

Ashton Kutcher used to be named as the the first user of Twitter to have over one million followers in 2009. The actor also has plenty of fans on Facebook.

Like Jackie Chan, the Chinese star Jet Li also uses Facebook to promote his new movies. Most recently, Li has spent a lot of time introducing his new film “The Expendables”

Although Megan Fox doesn’t spend much time to communicate with her fans, “Transformer” actress still tops the poll.

Action movie star Jackie Chan is popular all over the world. Chan uses Facebook as a way to promote his new films. Therefore, Chan’s page also draws much attention from fans.

Heart-throb Taylor Lautner, the young actor who is famous for starring as half-man-half-wolf, Jacob Black comes at number six on the list.

Johnny Depp is considered as the coolest man in the world. He doesn’t need to update the profile to attract fans.



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