What is Monorail Track Lighting?

Monorail track lighting systems are one of the most very practical, functional, attractive and versatile lighting options available today. They are the most ideal lighting fixture for a wide variety of rooms because of the flexibility of the rail and the huge selection of attachable chandeliers, pendants and heads to choose from. It has an ability to perform several functions and can supply power all along it’s length.

Once installed, it allows you to focus the light on anything or just about anywhere, you want to draw attention to. If you want to emphasize your collection of art, antique, plant, trophy, certificate or anything that you want others to notice, you can definitely find the monorail track lighting helpful. It is available in different shapes and sizes so you can match it with your existing décor. There are various designs depending on your preference and the function you’d want the lighting to do, ranging from ultra modern to turn-of-the-century. 

One of the many benefits of installing monorail track lighting system is that it is not only ideal for residential but also for commercial use because you can customize it to fit your needs. Following or emphasizing the contour the object being illuminated is one of the best features of this lighting system that others do not have.  

What lamps could one use as monorail track lighting system then? There are numerous of options available, you can choose from such as low voltage, halogen, fluorescent and halide lamps, and the type of lamp you will use depends on its function, the strength of the light you want in the room. 

The most basic hardware that you will need in the installation includes power transformers, switch, form services panel, hot wire, wire connectors, cover plate, mounting screw, toggle bolt, cover, contact blade, and wire in-connector. It is advisable to hire a technician to install so you can focus on determining the design, layout and the final changes of the monorail track lighting system.

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By M. Applebaum

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