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Shopping and pampering yourself is something that everyone loves. Depending on your need for gadgets, electronics, luxury products, fashion accessories etc. you can get the best of all from online sites too. This saves your time to a great extent making it highly popular in times when you are caught up in your busy schedules. However, this is bound to kill the thrill one enjoys when they are out shopping with friends. It kills the sheer experience of walking out of the trial rooms and asking your friends for advice, checking different gadgets and accessories and mulling over it together to finalize on one particular product etc. Understanding the need of feeling one with their pals and having a connection with the sellers too, Zozolo has come up with the novel idea of Facebook shop.

This is an idea which has worked wonders as you can get your friends to give you opinions and suggestions about the latest trends, you can see what they like, what they are choosing to purchase and different products that they try, like and recommend to others. All this is available through the medium of Facebook shop.

Facebook shop not only benefits the buyers but also the sellers. The buyers know what is in by seeing the analysis that their friends or friends of friends like and suggest. They can talk, discuss and share views, opinions and ideas and then come to a conclusion. The sellers too can keep a track on the buyers and get reviews and turn this into a profitable business by getting their feedback and sending mails which will increase their sales and profit. Also, when the consumer turns into a promoter, it is highly beneficial for the seller.

Facebook shop is not like any other ecommerce shopping that you might have tried before. It is basically smart shopping. They have a wide range of products from the best brands ever and provide customers with a good discount too. They understand the necessity of the consumers and know exactly what will be loved by every member of family from the eldest to the youngest. If you are considering gifting something that they will love, a Facebook shop is the right stop for you.

Zozolo provides Quality ecommerce solutions for social ecommerce with an integrated ecommerce store on facebook. For more information : http://www.zozolo.com

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