How to Get People to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook’s new language for becoming a ‘Fan’ is ‘Like’; in essence, when you connect with a business’s page, rather than saying you are a ‘Fan’, the most widely used word now is ‘Like’. Do you want people to ‘like’ your Facebook page? Then there is need to promote your Facebook presence both on and off Facebook; you also have to request outright that your clients ‘like’ your facebook page.

However, it is not sufficient to get users to like your page. More importantly, you have to make sure that they view your posts continuously by ensuring that they follow up your page by leaving comments, sharing their ideas and holding your posts in high esteem.

Explore the fundamental techniques used by top ‘liked’ pages on Facebook:

Ask Questions
Post questions that are capable of provoking thoughts on your wall to encourage comments and enhance the opportunity of having your wall posts shown in Friends’ news feed.
Encourage Users to Check in with Foursquare or Yelp
To let the friends of your users know that they visited your business, prompt your users to check in with Foursquare or Yelp any time they visit your business. A lot of users have Foursquare and Yelp synced to their pages, making it easy for their check-in to be made visible to all their friends.
The Promotions You Create Should be Valuable
Come forth with such valuable promotions that your friends are willing to share with others; do not forget to request for user input to provoke comments and interest.
Although it has been suggested that contests be used sparsely, there’s exception to a good number of the contests and tabs made available by Wildfire Interactive; these are capable of jumpstarting your presence.

Also, ensure that you include ‘Like Us on Facebook’ links all through your business site and within your newsletter. Remember to add your Facebook presence on your business receipts. Tactfully prompt users to ‘like’ your Facebook page wherever you deem proper to do so, and remember to encourage them to also follow you on Twitter.

The best time to encourage your customers or clients to ‘like’ your Facebook page is at the point at which they are pleased with you. It could be at the first purchase of your offering (product or service) or when loyalty points are earned.

Then, ensure that you are keeping track of your analytics. Daily, Facebook gives you information on your traffic as well as the engagement data available on your posts. This way, you can tell if your efforts are generating results or not.

It must not necessarily take lots of time or funds to create a Facebook presence that is engaging. You must give users a reason to consider visiting your page over and again. Don’t forget that Facebook is a powerful promotional and profit-making tool that has had a rapid evolution in the recent past and will continue transforming the way business functions.

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