All Internet Marketers Should Track their Competition

Maybe the thought of spying on your competition all the time seems bizarre to you. Granted, you probably are not going to take note of every website they visit. Still, it’s no more than common sense to be familiar with how they are doing business in your niche. Whether you are marketing online or offline, you have to convince people that they should buy from you and not your competitors. The trick to doing this is to really give people a better product or service than your competitors. Once you are very familiar with your competitors, you can form a plan to do better than them. You can use the following strategies to learn what your competitors are up to. Remember, knowledge is power that will make it easier to make money on the Internet.

Watch your competitors’ videos on YouTube and subscribe to their channels. If you are promoting affiliate products of any kind, this technique works especially well. Think about products you are selling or are thinking about selling and do a YouTube search for them. Another way to search is terms related to your topic. Watch some of the videos and study them. As you watch these videos, look for clues, both positive and negative, that you can use in your own promotional videos. When you make your own videos, always make them look as professional as possible.

SpyFu is another thing you can use if spying is something you want to do, but you don’t want to actually do it yourself.

SpyFu will constantly let you know what a company or organization is up to. The program merely needs the organization’s, or competitor’s name and an address and it’s off. You will then receive news on keywords or even ad words your competitors are utilizing. You will also find out what rankings the competition is getting for the key words and phrases they use. This can be great if you want to learn how best to SEO your company. There are some proven strategies that can help you make money online.

SocialMention is another tool that is available. This product will give you daily e-mail reports about your competition. You’ll be able to determine if they’ve been successful with the marketing methods they’re using.

If you want to know how you’re doing, this software can tell you that, too. This will show you how you are measuring up against the people you see as competition. You can also find breaking news on anyone or anything you choose.

You must keep an eye on your competitors. Just remember that there’s only a certain amount of money out there for all of us. People don’t have unlimited funds, after all. If you want to get as many of them as you can, you need to prove that you are more worth them than your competitors. If you want to do this, then you must keep an eye on everything your competitors do. Using software to track your competition will give you more free time and it will let you know everything they’re doing.

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