3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook is fast becoming a chosen destination by Internet marketers for communicating with their target market and building a brand. If you want to engage in relationship marketing, then there is no better way than to build a fan page. This just goes on to show how Facebook is not only a good social networking tool but also a great way to grow and enhance your business. You need Facebook fans, and you can learn three effective ways to get them.

First, it’s not enough to have people visit your fan page on Facebook; you want them to sign up as your fans, and having a well designed landing page will help you with conversions. Facebook gives you the option of customizing your landing page. It won’t do you much good to have visitors land on your Facebook wall, because the various messages they’ll see there won’t give them a clear idea of what your page is for. You should, rather, have a fan page that’s relevant to your theme and tells people the advantages of signing up. Big companies and celebrities who have fan pages are all using this tactic. Be sure to link your fan page with Twitter if you have a Twitter account. So what you can do is have your Facebook updates auto tweeted to people on the other end. This is a great way to funnel in traffic to your offers by connecting these two powerful social networking platforms.

Secondly, it also makes it easy for you to grow your traffic because you can post updates from your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page. You have many options for communicating, plus you should keep the traffic funnel moving as much as possible.

Thirdly but not the least; here’s a strategy that many companies apply and you can too if you have the budget. You can get more fans quickly if you use Facebook’s social ads! These pay per click ads that are everyone on Facebook can be effective to get you more fans. These ads are still a good buy, as you don’t have to pay a lot for clicks. It’s also been proven that these ads are very effective for fan pages, as all your traffic is coming from within the Facebook network. I

f you can get many targeted fans for a few dollars, this would be a worthwhile investment in your business. Naturally, you have to watch your expenses and track your results when you invest in any paid advertising. While Google AdWords can be very complex to set up, Facebook Social ads are quite easy, so you can get started without any problems. If you want, you start off with a small budget and see how your ads are performing, so that you can find the one that’s converting the highest and stick with it. If you can invest a little money, Facebook social ads are probably the fastest way to get more fans.

So if you want to have a successful fan page, you can start by applying the above strategies. Once enough people join your page, it can easily go viral as people share it with their friends around the site. It’s easy for people to share a fan page with others if they like it, as this is what people do on Facebook all the time. So your job is to not only put in extra effort in promoting the page but also in making sure everything you post on it is high quality. If you get started now, before you know it, you’ll have a large and growing fan page that’s made up of people who are likely customers for your products.

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