Facebook And Twitter Marketing For the Company

Persons are updating their Facebook accounts and sending tweets on their Twitter accounts from just about anyplace. From airports to school cafeterias and from restaurants to workstations, folks are actively using social networking sites to stay connected, network and share ideas. This is partly due to the fact mobile phones are now able to access these sites and partly mainly because these platforms have made networking uncomplicated and quickly. Hence, the recognition of Facebook and Twitter marketing to promote businesses is growing.

Facebook and Twitter Marketing: Some Facts

Whilst quite a few men and women use social networking sites to remain connected with family and friends, there’s a growing trend of Facebook and Twitter marketing too. The reason for this trend is clear from the following details.

Facebook details

Facebook has taken the globe by storm by quickly increasing in fan following. Based on the 2010 statistics:

1. Facebook has over 400 million active on the internet users.
2. 50% of active users log on to their account each and every day.
3. Far more than 5 billion content pieces are shared every week.
4. Much more than 1.5 billion local businesses have their profile pages on Facebook.

Twitter details

With Twitter, you can grow your base of followers. According to the 2010 Twitter statistics:

1. Twitter has over 1 billion registered users.
2. New users are signing up at the rate of 3 million per day.
3. 75% of its traffic comes from third party applications.
4. You can find common 55 million tweets per day, nearly half of which are business enterprise related tweets.

These statistics speak volumes about the growing reputation of Facebook and Twitter marketing. To make the most of these networking sites, it really is necessary to maintain appealing profile pages with relevant content material to reflect your business identity and reputation.

Advantages of Facebook and Twitter Marketing

There are quite a few rewards of Facebook and Twitter marketing, which include:

1. It is possible to create your virtual character on these websites and speak to individuals about their reactions, preferences and experiences.
2. You may construct a significant client base across the globe.
3. Social media can prove to be a self-sustaining marketing tool for your business enterprise for many years to come.
4. Facebook and Twitter let men and women to identify and connect to your brand.

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