Can You Blame Facebook For Your Divorce?

For some Mark Zuckerberg is known as the Facebook founder and a billionaire, but for others he is also known as a marriage breaker. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers are reporting that one out of five divorces at the moment have Facebook involved. This is information is based on a survey done among divorce lawyers.

Most of these divorce cases are about the social media users who get back in touch with old ex-lovers, from who they havent heard from in years. According to Mark Keenan, the managing director of divorce online, is the most common reason for a divorce inappropriate sexual chats with persons they where not supposed to have such chats with. But Facebook is not the only social site which can cause a divorce, sites like MySpace, Twitter and other similar free domain names are also on the list. Facebook is the worst offender, with 66% of the lawyers directing the cause of divorce to Facebook. You can learn one lesson – sharing bank information is fine, but it is likely better that you keep your password to your social sites for yourself.

But next to these issues are all the couples on Facebook, they have the singles against them if they display on their Facebook profile that they miss their partner because he/she is gone during the weekend. The reason is often that they cannot handle all the affection shown on the social network sites and then they launch attacks against them. But it is not only the singles which are against those who show their affections, it can also be others who in general are jealous or feel that it is information which isnt needed to be shared. Its like being jealous that your partner is having a data center when all you can afford is a cheap web hosting, live with it. The jealous people simply feel that the couples are laughing at them and saying; see what I have, which you dont.

There has been various groups created on Facebook where one of the most known is called STFU, Marrieds. It has, according to Andrea Albeanu, been created because the Internet now allows couples who might not be very affectionate in persons to be able to unleash their passion online.

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