Two quick but useful tricks to Facebook

Today we bring to the attention of a couple of tricks to Facebook, simple yet useful, maybe not everyone knows about. Let’s start with the first.

How to enlarge the images of the profiles of users not friends. When we are looking for someone you know to see if he has a profile on the book of faces, if there is more of the same name, it is essential to see the profile photo to select what we actually look …

And everyone knows how this is far from simple, as these pictures show up as small icons, which we gladly costringengono spessoe to “stick” to monitor your eyes in an attempt to flourish our friend!

Here is a useful trick just to enlarge the image without having to install any software or plug-in.

When you’re in front of the list of users of your research, with an attached photo (if it is published of course), click on the choices with the right mouse button, and select properties. The window that opens, it will show a link, which is nothing but the remote address of the image. The wording of this link ends with a number preceded by an “s” tiny. For example: s7843838_722.jpg.

Now, to enlarge a bit ‘, you will not have to do is replace the letter “s” with “n”, amended and paste the link in a new window or tab of your browser.
See? Now it is time that we find our friends without losing sight!

How to cancel a friend request. And here we are at the second trick. I think it’s happened to many of you have inadvertently made a friend request, and then not be able to retrace his steps, since there is no such function on Facebook.

But there is a way. It is important to act before our request is accepted or rejected.
Here are step by step what you do:

* Select the “Privacy Settings” menu at the top;
* To “lock people” enter the name of the person to whom you sent the wrong friend request;
* click on “blocks”
* Now release the same person from the usual point

In summary. Lock and unlock immediately after a person who had sent a friend request, it also eliminates the request without his knowing it!

Well, we hope that these two pose trcchetti help you live better on Facebook!


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