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Internet has indeed become a powerful liberalizing gizmo that has altered the way the world functions. With the number of netizens increasing at a steady rate each second, internet has evolved as an ultimate solution to their business as well as personal issues or problems. The World Wide Web has now become more delicate with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Ibibo. Ever wondered how these social networking websites make money as they don’t charge anything from its millions of users? Facebook has more than 750 million users logging every month, they make their revenue through advertising. It is a perfect platform for any business to advertise their products or services. Let us look at some of the advantages of advertising on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook
Many business establishments are resorting to online advertising rather than other conventional advertising methods like Television and Newspapers. With the launch of Facebook they have been provided with another provision for Internet marketing and advertising. The advertising model of Facebook is similar to what Google offers through its AdSense, pay per click. It lets you bid for specific keywords of your choice which is always relevant to one’s business and need to pay only according to CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost Per thousand Impressions). You are provided with the liberty to place your advertisements in line with the personal details and preferences of users on Facebook. You can endorse your business by creating and placing banner ads, referrals and casual multiplayer games. As you can place your Ad according to users’ interests, Facebook advertising puts itself in an entirely different league.

Advertising on Internet has several advantages and many of you are aware of it. Facebook being a rapidly growing networking site it also provides parallel characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the key advantages of advertising on Facebook over other online advertising ideas.

1. Targeted Advertising
Facebook has a huge database of its registered users with their personal information including age, gender, like and dislikes employment information etc. This imparts Facebook with a lot more power when it comes to targeted advertising. Businesses can place their advertisements by selecting explicit details of a user’s profile.

2. Less Expensive
Advertising on Facebook pages of your choice is reasonably priced as compared to other online advertising platforms. However, it also depends on the popularity of the keyword you had chosen.

3. Say more with Facebook advertisements
The content of your advertisement can be extended to 135 characters long word with images. It offers you with an improved flexibility when it comes to determining your advertising content. You have also got the option to advertise based on your daily budget.

4. ‘Like’ Feature & ‘News Feeds’
The ‘Like’ or ‘Fan’ feature bestows advertisers the word of mouth marketing via news feeds. To utilize this feature, you just need to create a fan page on Facebook.

5. Greater Range
As the popularity of Facebook is growing, so does the opportunity for advertisers to extend and reach out to a wider customer base. Facebook being multilingual supplements its capacity to reach to worldwide customer base.

By: Francis David

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