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A pilot or aviator is a person who flies aircraft by profession. The term aviatrix is used for female pilots. Pilots are highly trained professional who flies aircrafts or helicopters to carry out wide variety of tasks. Most of them are airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers who transport passengers a cargo. Usually they are being paid high. Except on small aircraft, two pilots often make up the cockpit-crew. Generally, the most experienced pilot will be the captain, he will be the commander and he will supervise all other crew members. A Copilot is often called as a first officer or a first engineer. The pilot and copilot together share the flying and other duties, such as communicating with air traffic controllers and monitoring the instrument. Some large aircraft have a crew member, the flight engineer, who assists the pilots by monitoring and operating many of the instruments and systems, making minor in-flight repairs, and watching for other aircraft. The flight engineer also assists the pilot with the company, air traffic control, and cabin crew communications.
Before departure, pilots checks the planes carefully to make sure that the engines, controls, instruments and other systems are working properly. They also make sure that the cargo and baggages are loaded correctly. They consult with the aviation weather forecasters and flight dispatchers about the weather condition, route and the destination. Based on the information, they will decide the route, altitude and the speed that will provide the safest, most economical and smoothest flight. Takeoff and landing is the most difficult parts of the flight and it requires a good co-ordination between the two pilots.
Flight attendant jobs
Flight attendants or cabin crew are the members of an aircrew employed by airlines mainly to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers in abroad commercial flights, on some business jet aircraft and on some military aircraft. The primary role of this cabin crew is to ensure the passengers safety. In addition to this, the cabin crews have to do other duties like serving meals and drinks to the passengers as a secondary responsibility. The number of flight attendants follows from international safety regulations. For planes, with up to 19 passengers seats, no flight attendant is required. Majority of the flight attendants are females. These people are highly trained to deal with a variety of emergencies. They are normally trained in hubs or headquarters city of an airline over a period that run from six weeks to six months depending on the country and airlines.

Aviation jobs
The first job that come into our mind after hearing the category of an”aviation jobs” is that of pilots. But one fact, we should keep in our mind is that, the job of a pilot is just a single job from a wide variety of jobs under the roof of the industry aviation. Other jobs include: Aero engineer jobs, Avionics electronics jobs, Communication job, design jobs, Operations jobs, Maintenance base jobs, Maintenance line jobs, Management jobs, Manufacturing jobs, Software system jobs, Technician jobs, Office support jobs, Cabin crew jobs etc

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