How to Use Facebook Pages For Your Business

What is it?

Facebook was originally meant to be a place for social interaction of college friends, and eventually evolved into one big hub of mutually linked individuals whose primary purpose of joining is to reconnect with old mates and relatives, among other reasons. Now, Facebook is considered to be the largest social media in the world, with more or less 500 million active users and an approximate growth rate of 145% (in the US alone) at the beginning of 2010’s first quarter. With this demographic, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are taking advantage of the popularity and market Facebook has to offer.

Why do businesses need it?

Facebook has become a tremendously valuable business tool that could boost a company’s popularity less than overnight with the right tools, marketing strategy and of course, the right market. By making use of Facebook’s Pages feature, companies are tapping into their markets’ personal area, and reaching out to them in a totally fresh and different way.

By making use of the largest threshold of socially active individuals, companies are turning a one-way road into two-way bridges, where they can reach out to consumers and interact with them without being too pushy and at the same time, opening their doors to consumer ideas. Something you cannot simply achieve with a TV or radio stint. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a 30-second stint, when you can (almost) pay for nothing and get the same (if not better) market value?

How to Use it:

Facebook Pages are different from Facebook Profiles being that profiles are for personal use whereas pages can be used in a multitude of ways. In pages, you can place all the pertinent information about your company or business and include anything and everything that relates to your businesses.

Here, you can post:

Introduction or overview about your company
Website and contact information
Press releases
Twitter updates
Company news
Customer interaction


It’s also easier to work with Facebook as compared to working with websites and blogs for marketing simply because you don’t have to be technical. If you want to update your fans/consumers on what’s new, all you have to do is log in and putting up something on your wall.

Here are the steps into setting up your own Fan Page:

Log into Facebook (you can use an existing personal account or a new one that you’d like to keep solely for business purposes).
Scroll to the bottom of your homescreen and click on Advertising. Click on Pages and then Create a Page.
Customize by choosing the type of business you own and filling out other areas. If your satisfied with what you’ve entered, publish it. Don’t forget to put pictures (logo) relevant articles and videos etc.


Afterwards, you can opt to enhance your page with applications, RSS feeds and videos.

Promoting your Page:

Now since this isn’t your personal profile, you cannot simply add friends the way you ordinarily would. The trick here is to virally spread the word over the internet to introduce or market your page to the public. Ask for friends’ and colleagues’ help by asking them to first ‘Like’ your page and then recommending it to their friends/acquaintances. You will be using the system of free networking here.

Another way to promote your page is to keep a steady conversation going. Again, you may need to ask the help of your friends and colleagues. Open a discussion or forum about a product or service your company is offering. You can also post a status on your wall and encourage feedback using that. Promote your page constantly, but leep things light and interesting, and never flo


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