2011 Flight Attendant Career Outlook

Airlines have suffered through the economic downturn and the spike of oil prices that preceded the recession. With the economy and commercial aviation industry on the mend, what does this mean for those seeking a career as inflight safety professionals?

A few years ago, airlines were furloughing flight attendants. Until recently Flight Attendant job opportunities were few and far between.

Since the economic crisis, airlines have become more fiscally disciplined in their service offerings by cutting non-profitable routes, reducing overall available seats, and upgrading technologies to become operationally efficient. The merger of several legacy and low cost carriers has provided the most dramatic change to the commercial aviation climate as these larger carriers will be able to leverage their size to affect discounts from their suppliers and service providers and overall changes to their route and service structures.

When I started my career 15 years ago, I knew job stability would always be a question. In these 15 years, Ive only been furloughed 3 times. The first 2 times lasted about a month. This last layoff happened 3 years ago. It lasted 2 years. I searched long and hard for another opportunity to fly, but no one was hiring airline or otherwise, said Shawn Cordero, Co-Editor of FlightAttendantJobSearch.com, a free online resource for people searching for employment as Flight Attendants and Cabin Crew. Suddenly, about a year ago airlines started hiring again. Now, we have compiled a list of over 100 airlines currently recruiting Flight Attendants.

The economy isnt the only factor driving the push for more flight attendants, says Cordero, airline safety and security is a paramount concern for all airlines. Flight Attendants are a key factor in improving these issues.

With 2010 seeing an increased demand in air travel, recessionary cost cutting strategies executed by the airlines, and the need for a frontline in commercial aviation safety and security, the skies are looking blue for individuals interested in a career in commercial aviation.

Michelle Bryant – Contributor, FlightAttendantJobSearch.com – Michelle is a veteran Flight Attendant with 17 years of experience with a number of airlines and corporate flight departments. She is currently an In-Flight Air Transportation Supervisor, instructing new hire Flight Attendant Candidates at a major airline and is also a Training Facilitator with a Corporate Flight Attendant training organization.

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