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If you are not familiar with Facebook, one of the “big two” of the social networking sites, and how you can use it to network with literally millions of internet surfers, you are missing out on a fun, free, easy to use device for spreading the word about your business or product. There are many ways to attempt to market to other Facebook users, but one of the best ways by far is by using a passive approach through the many Game Applications Facebook offers.According to statistics supplied by Facebook, there are over 200 million active Facebook users, and the fastest growing segment is over 35 years of age.

That coupled with the fact that over two thirds of all Facebook users are outside of college, and 100 million users log on daily, shows the incredible monetization possible for you. Since many of these Facebook “friends” belong to Game Applications which allow them to play intermittently while they surf, joining a Game Community is the perfect way to meet people who share a common interestIf you are not already on Facebook, click on over to their site and walk through the set-up process.

It will take about 5 minutes, and you can set your profile up to reveal as little or as much of yourself as you desire. You are always in control of what other Facebook users can and can not see from your profile. Do not worry about how in-depth your profile is, just get a bare bones one up and running.I have always enjoyed fishing, so in the search box, located in the upper right hand corner of any Facebook page, I typed “fishing” to see what applications were out there. I saw that there were 302 different fishing applications, and the most popular by far was one called Fish Wrangler, with over 385,000 monthly users! I joined immediately, and have been hooked ever since, pardon the pun. I immediately found that other Fish Wranglers were requesting me to be their friend on Facebook. These were total strangers to me, located all over the world, that noticed I was a Fish Wrangler player, and because of this common thread, befriended me.

When someone asks to be your friend, you can accept or deny their request, and add an accompanying note. I accept the request, and in the note, tell them I am a fishing addict. This usually gets a response from them, and a conversation is started. Never do I mention my company or opportunity. The key to Social Networking is relationships. Develop a relationship with people first, and irrevocably, they will eventually ask, “What do you do for a living?” This is where I tell them the reason I have so much free time to play aps like Fish Wrangler is I own an internet business that provides residual income, takes about 15 hours a week to run, and can be started for about $ 50 a month. If they ask for more details, I send them to my website that works them through an auto-responder system, and basically does all the work. I just field questions and chat or phone with a brand new friend and business partner, and teach and train them do the same.

If you have a business opportunity or product to offer, Game Applications on Facebook like Fish Wrangler are great ways to develop relationships with thousands of would be prospects. Then you simply approach this warm market after you have developed a rapport with them. If you have any questions about Facebook Game Applications, and how to use them to take massive action, I would be glad to help.

Patrick O’Neill is a Published Writer, Network Marketing Veteran and Social Networker.

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