How to Use Facebook in Internet Marketing

Social networks have proven themselves to be an important part of any internet marketing campaign for entrepreneurs looking to make money. One well known social networking site is making headway in being a “place to be” for local businesses that want to reach out to potential customers.

It is impossible to be a business that people are going to take seriously if you don’t have a website. Your website is your storefront to the world. It doesn’t really matter what your niche is or if you are providing products or services. That doesn’t mean that a website guarantees your success, you have to know how to promote it. The best and most effective time honored way is through internet marketing, specifically SEO. Today, that SEO needs to be done through the social networking sites like Facebook.

There are few “gurus” on the net that will tell you the best way to use Facebook is to tap into your local market, meaning that you are reaching out to your friends, and their friends and other people that live in the same general area as your business. Brick and mortar businesses are fine, but there are more and more virtual businesses out there that aren’t limited to a local environment.

The first thing you need to do is create a business page on Facebook. There are a number of businesses that have even gone as far as creating “Facebook Pages” that are basically simple templates that you can use to promote your business. Once your page is created you want to network with other businesses but you also want to network with people. The best part of this is that Google is indexing these pages now which are driving more traffic to Facebook, which means that there will be more target traffic to your site.

The first thing you are going to need to do to get Facebook to work for is set up a blog on your website. Once you have created that blog you want to go to your business facebook page and click on “Edit Page” and then click on “More Applications” and look for the RSS feed application. Once you find it you want to add that application to your Facebook page but you want to use the url for your blog from your website. This will allow your blog to show up on your Facebook page and they will not have a “no follow” tag associated with the feed. This is important because it will allow you to pass page rank from Facebook to your website.

Now optimizing your blog is essential. Make sure that the posts to your blog are regular, relevant and targeted. Do the research to make sure you are using the keywords that people are searching for. Then you can start networking your Business Facebook page with gusto. The more profile pages that you can link to your page the more your page will get crawled and the better your page rank will be.

To get fans to your page takes a little time to invite people to be friends, and you want to create a fan page to have people you know become fans of your page. Once they do that, your fans can opt to send out an invitation to all of their friends. The plus of social networking sites is that they can really work for you without you having to do much more then your existing online marketing tactics.

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