How to Market Your Business on Facebook

It is high time we realize the full potential of Facebook. It is no longer just a tool for social networking of kids but also a widely and successfully utilized marketing tool.

The numbers provided by O’Reilly Media suggests that the quantum of users in the age group of 35-44 have increased by two folds in the recent months. The same statistics holds true for middle aged people.

Thus it is quite evident that the users of the Facebook website are not constrained to any single age group, thereby indicating the scope for market potential the Facebook site provides. It could be used effectively as a tool for procuring newer prospects and providing support for current stakeholders and clients.

To employ Facebook as an efficient marketing media, the business people must be made aware of the two important services provided by Facebook, namely the Facebook pages and the Facebook groups.

What is a Facebook page?

The Facebook page is a web page service provided by the Facebook website, which hosts a page for you free of cost. This gives you an opportunity and space to exemplify your organization’s profile. Interested customers are provided with an option of becoming a fan of your page, which enables them to keep track of all your activities.

The Facebook fan option comes along with another attractive possibility. It acts as an endorsement and an indirect referral system, as friends of the customers who become a fan of your page, gets to see that and are exposed to your business.

Facebook allows you to blog videos and messages about your products, etc which could be linked to feeds of individual customers.

Facebook provides the users with the option of advertising a local business, a product or an artist, band or a public figure. Choose the option that best suits your business. The steps following this, allows you to enter your contact information and other related information.

Thus, a careful design of the Facebook page goes a long way in luring potential customers.

What is a Facebook group?

Facebook groups are built around a group of peers unlike a Facebook page. Also a Facebook group is restricted to the members of the Facebook website.

The Facebook group unfortunately does not come with the ‘fan’ option, but instead it allows people to become members of the group. This cuts down greatly on the amount of information that could be shared with the customers.

Which suits my business more, a Facebook page or a Facebook group??

The choice of using a Facebook page or a Facebook group for marketing depends on two considerations. Facebook pages are viewed by even unregistered users giving improved chances of exposure.

But any activity in the Facebook page reaches the fans as update notifications only, whereas the group members receive a mail in their inbox which warrants a more reliable and formal communication. Thus the choice should depend on these two important factors.

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