Marketing on Facebook – The Basics

In the past couple years Facebook has trumped Myspace to become the most popular social networking site on the internet. With so many people visiting their Facebook page each and every day you’d be a fool not to try and market your business on the popular site. So how exactly do you do that? What is the best way to market your home based business on Facebook? In this article I’m going to be going over the top three ways that you can market your home based business with the help of Facebook.

1. Groups

Groups on Facebook are nothing more than a gathering of people who have a like or dislike of the same thing. There are groups of actors and actresses, singers, tv shows, colleges, home towns and more. So how do you market using these groups? Well first you have to find them. Use the search bar on your Facebook home page to find groups that you think might be interested in your business.

Some suggestions would be groups for stay at home moms, people who hate their jobs, local men and women in your area and people who have already shown an interest in MLM. Once you’re a part of these groups you can post on the groups wall or start a topic in a message board. There are also options that allow you to post videos or websites for the entire group to see. In my opinion groups are the best way to market on Facebook hands down.

2. Status

Your status is just a few quick words about what you’re doing or what you’re feeling. By updating your status to something about your business you will automatically alert all of your friends about your great opportunity. Just make sure you aren’t updating your status every few minutes or turning it into spam. That’s really annoying.

3. Videos

Facebook lets you post videos on your page. So go get that new Youtube video you just uploaded and post it. However, let it be a slow release. You don’t want to add all of your videos at once. Just do one every few days or so and the people who are interested will notice them.

4. Notes

A note on Facebook is kind of like your blog area. You can post whatever you want there and it will let your friends know any time you add a new note. You can use articles you’ve written in your notes section. Or you can use it to announce promotions or anything else you want your friends to know about your business. Also, if you really want certain people to know about your note try tagging them in it! This will get their attention faster!

So now that you know the top three best ways to market your business on Facebook you have no excuse not to! Start making money with one of the most popular websites on the internet.

Dan Himes

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