Building Your Prospect List With Facebook and Twitter

Every business magazine tells you that you need to have prospects in your funnel to survive let alone if you want to grow your business. Some of your current clients and customers are not going to give you repeat business. Not all of your clients are going to refer your business to others. You need to have new clients and customers.

One way to get new clients is to have an inventory of prospects. Social networking, which wasn’t available a few years ago, is one way in which you can grow your inventory of prospects.

The beauty of this social networking approach is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Previously, the only way you could grow your prospect list was through direct mail campaigns or advertisements. Both are very costly and time consuming. Besides, most of those leads from the ads and mailings weren’t very good because they had no idea who you were and hadn’t established a relationship with you. Social networking establishes relationships first.

First, the cost at these networking sites is minimal, except for your time and you’ll learn how to control that. You can sign up for free accounts at Twitter and Facebook and other networking sites and begin connecting with others immediately. One of the better approaches to connecting to people who may be interested in what you do is to search by keyword for those who are interested in your niche and may eventually become prospective clients or customers.

Twitter is what is known as a micro blogging social networking site. You write your message in 140 characters or less. You can send links to other sites in your message, such as your webpage or announcement of a special event. You follow people to exchange information and people follow you while you promote your business by telling them what you are doing.

Facebook is similar except you are not limited in your message length. You collect friends on Facebook and can have up to 5000 friends. Make sure they are friends that you can use as a resource for information and they can use you as a resource for your expertise.

You can also join groups in facebook. Join groups whose focus is related to your niche and establish a relationship by providing group members helpful information. You can introduce yourself by letting your new friend know that you are also a member of the group.

You may even want to start your won group for people who are interested in what you do. Others may then join your group and you can tell them about yourself, what you are doing, and about your service or products. You may want to consider a secret group that is similar to a membership site. Secret sites have discussion boards which enable you and the members of the group to start threads on topics you want to discuss.

There are other avenues to use to build your prospect list. Social networking is but one of many and in today’s world, my advice is to use them all.

Ruthan Brodsky is passionate about helping others remain productive in their midlife and in retirement. She has been lecturing and writing about healthy aging for 25 years. Claim your free report about how to get your business better known in community at her blog site

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