How Can I Use Form To Win At The Dog Track?

There’s an old saying “So-and-So is in mid-season form.” We know that this means that the person we’re talking about is in about the best shape they’ll ever be. If it’s an athlete, you know that they’re winning events in their sport.

Well, it’s the same with greyhounds. Those who are in form are at their peak. Those who are out of form are out of shape, not running as well or not running up to their ability. Form is basically another word for condition as compared to the best condition the dog has ever been in.

Why do dogs go into and out of form? There are many reasons. Some dogs start out in M and gradually get better until they win at every grade, reach the top and then slide slowly down again, never to return to the top grades.

These are the dogs who have one peak when they’re at their form and then slide out of form forever. Most dogs aren’t like this, but there are a few who are. Most dogs have shorter highs and lows where they’re in or out of form.

Immunizations, worming and injuries can affect form greatly. Many dogs are in form one day, get wormed and go out of form and then bounce back into form a few days later. Sometimes dogs get a slight injury like a cracked toenail that bothers them for a day or two.

It’s these little things that happen behind the scenes that affect form. This makes it very difficult for us to figure out whether a dog is going to run “true to form” in any race. So what can you do about form?

The best thing to do is to look at a dog’s performance since its last layoff. This will get you an indication of how it does when it come back after a good rest. Within a few races of a layoff, a dog should work into form and stay there for awhile.

This is a good time to bet on dogs, obviously, and is the time when they should do better than at any other time in their cycle of form. One way to check this is by using old programs to check back through a dog’s racing career. Try it and then use the method to win with form with other dogs.

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