Win at the Dog Track by Testing Your Handicapping System This Way

A lot of people get a new greyhound handicapping system, grab next day’s program, handicap with the system and then check the results as soon as they come in. A lot of times, they’re happy to see that they’ve picked more winners than they usually do, which makes them think that their system is hot stuff.

Well, it might be, but it also might be that they tried it out exactly the wrong way, and that’s what makes it look better than it is. If they handicapped at home, with no pressure and nothing to distract them, they’re not giving the system a real workout.

While it’s a good idea to test any system against old programs to see if it works at all, there’s more to telling if a system really works for you. The only way to give it a real test is to take it to the track and handicap with it exactly as you would without it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you get to the track to use the system to handicap the program. It just means that you should handicap the way you normally do – whether that’s at home or before the races at the track.

Then, you should go to the track and bet the way you normally would. Sit where you usually sit. Talk to your friends, if that’s what you usually do. Get something to eat. Just do whatever your normal track routine is. Then see if you do better or worse than you do without the system.

Of course, it takes a while to get used to anything, including handicapping systems. so give it a few chances. But don’t use it at home a few times and assume that it will work the same way when you take it to the track.

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