1 Best Bet For Beginners at the Dog Track

The first time you go to the dog track, it’s overwhelming. The crowd is noisy. The races are only a few minutes apart. The program is confusing and there’s so much information that you have to absorb. If you’re a horse player, especially, it can be a bewildering experience.

The horse races have much more time between them, so you have time to go over your program, get a cup of coffee, talk to friends. Not so with the dog races. You have time to gulp a couple sips of coffee and get up to the window and bet and then it’s time for the race to go off.

This is why, if you’re new to the dog track, you should start with bets that are easier to figure out. The double isn’t a bet I play, but it’s a good bet for new track goers. To win it, you have to pick the winner of the first race and the winner of the second race. Sometimes there’s also a late double in one of the other races.

The reason this is a good bet for newbies, is because it only costs $ 2. You can pick 2 or 3 dogs that you like in the first race and couple them with 2 or 3 dogs you like in the second race. That way, you have a few chances of hitting the double.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to play the program favorites, because it seems that the double is often pretty easy to pick. Maybe it’s just chance, but the more cynical amongst us think that it’s a good way to get people into the mood to bet the rest of the program.

Whatever the reason, the double is relatively easy to hit and can give you some practice picking winners and even quinielas in later races. Just remember not to bet more than you plan to bet when you come in the door and definitely not more than you can afford to bet. There’s nothing that will spoil your dog track experience more than losing more than you can afford to lose.

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