What To Remember When Boarding a Plane

Are you going to travel by air in the future? If yes, there are several things to consider before boarding the plane. They are to help you to get ready for your flight.

1. Don’t even bother with the on-flight food. You generally can’t even tell what kind of animal it comes from anyway. I try to make it a habit to avoid foods of such unclear origin.


That doesn’t answer the question of what you should eat while on a flight. Try packing something you like in your carry-on since you likely won’t be getting anything tasty from the airline. If there’s one thing an airline can get right, it’s water, so you don’t have to pack your own bottles.


I usually bring along some apples and bananas or sliced vegetables along with some good bread from a specialty store. Plastic containers can also be useful for bringing pasta, or really anything. Always pack enough to get you through the flight.


2. Children, especially babies, are quite difficult to bring along on a flight. If your trip is only going to take a few hours, you might be able to get away with it, but otherwise just get a babysitter and you’ll be saving yourself a ton of trouble.


If you’re flying cross-country or on an international flight, however, don’t even think about bringing kids along. I can guarantee that it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. You’ll never know if your kid will react to the flight, but it will most likely end in vomiting. Having brought a baby along on a 24-hour international flight, and I would never do it again. Spare yourself the headache; it’s not worth it.


3. For luggage, bring a small, durable fanny pack along with a carry-on. Any food, clothing, or toiletries should go in the carry-on so that they can be easily accessed on the flight.


Place any money, credit cards, or tickets in the fanny pack and keep the pouch at your front. Your checked luggage may be stolen, lost, or ripped apart by the chimpanzee working for the airline – it’s all part of the flying experience.


I wish you the best of luck on your next flight, and I hope that you’re prepared for the beautiful adventure that you’re sure to have.


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