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The huge and booming platform of the web makes a large medium for marketing businesses to prosper.It also offers a lot of ways for one to be able to drive traffic to their website; one is through social networking sites and blogs. It may demand diligence but will be most gratifying once you start seeing results.

Social networks are becoming more and more popular and is a very good place to start driving traffic to your website.And one of the top social networking website today is “Facebook”. With its half a billion estimated registered customers,non-stop and fast growth, Facebook may be Google’s toughest challenger in terms of advertisement. People may continue to use Google Search in terms of advertisements but Facebook will certainly not go unnoticed.

There are a lot of options that Facebook can offer, techniques that will surely create traffic to a website and boost up profits

Your profile , the most important key:

An active Facebook account with adequate information regarding your background with privacy settings set to “public” gets more visitors attracted and involved.

You build traffic merely by adding friends into your account. Thus, creating larger connections that provides you access to 5,000 or even more, through real time “news feeds” once they are logged in. You can input links and updates on new products every time into your own account which are automatically fed to their “news feeds”.

Create a Facebook Ads account, it is a new system in paid advertisements and more economical compared to Google’s AdWords. Making the right choices can produce more traffic for less, which is good for small businesses to get known online

The most vital feature of Facebook Ads is it allows you to upload images of a product you want to showcase and add texts to it. Allowing users the liberty to grab more and more potential customers and do more networking and marketing. Also, it provides you the capability to keep your clients up-to-date and find out more from others in your industry as well.

Another alternative to Facebook Ads is a Facebook Fan Page After creating your fan page to make known your business, you can then send marketing messages and offers to your prospects and convince them to “Like” your page. The same with Facebook Ads, your Facebook fan page also allows you to keep clients updated through their “news feeds”.

Facebook is surely the no. 1 in social media and having almost 500 million registered users globally, you must be networking on Facebook or you might be losing a huge marketing opportunity.

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