The Power Of Facebook Communication

In the pre Internet days, there were shopping malls and markets. In the post Internet days, there was social media like Facebook.

Though market research is important, you need to positon yourself where there are many people searching for different products to meet their various needs. And Facebook is one good example. In fact we are going to talk about how to communicate effectively there.

How successful you are running a business today depends on how well you understand people and whether you can meet their needs. Whether you are a business owner, marketer or even a neutral, you will definitely be curious as to why people buy. Despite the hype by most gurus, the mystery is still a mystery unless you take action by learning from those with proven credibility and applying what you learn everyday. Apart from offline markets, the same concept applies to Facebook.

You may ask yourself: What has Facebook got to do with all this?

Well, recent studies have indiciated many members did a great deal of product research before deciding whether or not to buy. They did this by asking their friends and seeking their opinions the same way they used to do via phones and face-to-face meetings. They even formed groups pertaining to that topic.

What used to happen through TV and movie advertising which could only applied by companies and business owners with big budget is now happening online and applied by everyday people like you and me with small budget. You can see ads there just like what you see in major search engines like Google.

Word of mouth still played a significant role in viral marketing. Only this time people typed to express their views instead of voicing them out.

A search for your favorite brand, product or topic can result in numerous discussions. Through these discussions, you will have a better understanding of what the market thinks and will do.  After all, it is still the opinion of most people that really matters irregardless of what you promote. So those promoting what they think the market wants makes a huge mistake and left a huge amount of potential commissions on the table.

Therefore, you should not use Facebook the same way as you used classified ad sites by blasting ads. Unless you want to put up a Facebook ad like how you do PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, your goal is to build a following of people with the common interest to you. Those that are in your niche will be more likely to buy from you than any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Once you have done so, you need to build rapport, trust and understanding with them next. Find out their needs and wants. Then you offer them products as solutions. By doing this, it will save you hours of market and product research.

Like it or not, it is how people react to you that will make or break your iife. So you have to treat them like how you want them to treat you – as people. Most marketers treated them as cyber income providers by making a lame offer on what they promote. At the end of the day, it is sincerity that really matters.

In a nutshell, that is the power of Facebook communication. It is no longer just a social network exchange among friends but on anything that excites and interests them. This will in turn spread to friends of friends and so on and forth. This is also what viral marketing is all about on social media.

Amuro Wesley has been internet marketing for 2 years promoting his and merchants’ products online.


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