How To Earn Money Over Facebook

Do you want to earn money over Facebook? There are a lot of ways you can use. Before starting to make some bucks over Facebook, you should know that you are onto something very special. When it comes to earn money on the Internet, Facebook is considered a goldmine. In this article, you will get to know a technique that can demonstrate for you the viral power of Facebook in order to get thousands of traffic within a short time.


I first learnt about using Facebook to make money online when I was searching through my Facebook News Feed. I saw that a friend of mine had joined a Facebook fan page which was quite a funny topic, curious I clicked through to have a look and saw that the fan page had gathered over 100 thousand fans within just a short 24 hours since it began. Over the next week I witnessed the fan page shoot virally to the stage where it had over 1 million fans within 5 days. I was astonished and decided that I would focus on how I could have this same impact for fan pages in my internet business that I created.


Facebook pages are the most viral median online right now, internet marketing is a buzz with all the possibilities which Facebook has opened up for marketers to use them. There is a good reason why they are viral as well which I will describe below.


One Facebook each person when they sign up for an account is given their own independent network which they have the ability to add to when they become Facebook friends with someone. Everyone has also a profile page where friends of theirs can visit to see all of their individual public interactions over Facebook. When one of their friends joins a Facebook page, this action is shown to them in their Facebook news feed giving them the opportunity to do the same. If they then decide to also join the Facebook fan page all of their friends see this action on their Facebook pages also and so on.


From the perspective of the Facebook page owner this is great because their page is growing without any work from them. As a result of having fans join their fan page they then get the ability to have their fan page shown on all the news feeds of that groups fans. This in turn means that the Facebook page owner can have influence over all of those who has joined their fan page to either direct them to a website or make money from them through an offer.


This is the real power of using Facebook fan pages to virally influence others in a big way. There are a number of other techniques to grow fan pages virally and make money from them. If you would like to find out about these methods then you can download Sam Bakker’s new Facebook Ebook at his website about internet business.

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