Benefits Of An Electrical Busway

Pre-assembled modular busway overhead systems are a safe, efficient and low-cost way to provide high-density power distribution for retail and manufacturing businesses, educational institutions, data centers, and labs. By reducing cable clutter and offering flexible and reliable power solutions, the innovative busway system is quickly becoming the industry standard.

In the world of electrical power distribution, a busway is a metal track or casing that holds a busbar, a metal strip that conducts electricity. Just knowing this lets you imagine at least one of the benefits the compact unit has, as opposed to what used to be a bound collection of wires or cables. Additional benefits of busways, though, are scalability and flexibility.

For example, a busway can be easily connected for length and into various configurations, eliminating the need for hard wiring, as well as an electrician, for any changes or additions. Also, a busway can take on power components, such as turn-and-lock plug-ins. These components fit into the open bottom end of the busway track about every two feet to provide quick power distribution access whenever you need it, wherever you need it, and without any downtime.

So when it comes to powering retail businesses, manufacturing businesses, educational institutions, , labs and data centers, a busway can allow for easy expansion, changes, disassembling and much more:

Retail Businesses. Shopping malls and individual retail stores use busways because they allow for easy display movement and interior redesigns. Retail owners like that the plug-in components enable you to use any light fixture, which helps keep the store aesthetically pleasing. In addition the rearranging plug-in components require zero power downtime.

Manufacturing Businesses. Busways allow for easy expansion and disassembling in the ever-changing, high-tech manufacturing environment, where a high-density of plug-in units and numerous reconfigurations are required. Without any help from an outside electrician, it is possible for the entire system to be assembled in the matter of hours by your own team.

Educational Institutions. Quick changeover ability makes the busway the first pick for many colleges, universities and vocational education facilities Some busways can also provide different voltages available on a single plug-in component.

Labs. Custom plug-in units can often be designed to meet a labs special needs in providing a solution to a high-density breaker and cable issue.

Data centers. Meets reliability demands, thermal requirements, and scalability needs. Add more data center power distribution busway sections and plug-in units without shutting off the power, which provides the continuous uptime that is at the utmost importance for data centers. In addition, the ventilation keeps the increased kW power density at the acceptable cooling capacity.
However, the most impressive advantage of a busway is simply how its made. This unique innovation of the busbar inside the metal track busway provides many additional cost-savings as well as safety benefits, such as:

Heat dissipation ventilation openings keep the air moving and prevent overheating in high-density, high-voltage industries.

Arc flash and shock protection prevents short circuiting

Reliability – lasts in high-density, high-voltage environments much better than previous wire and cable designs

Neatness and efficiency the elimination of wires and the overhead design make the busway system aesthetically pleasing

Its time to say goodbye to fixed floor, raised floor and wall mounted power distribution For long-term cost-savings and safety benefits, it pays to learn more about the new advances that have been made in electrical power distribution, namely in busway systems.

Starline Track Busway is a flexible power distribution solution for your business from Universal Electric Corp. Since you can tap into the Busway from anywhere on its track, you can change or expand easily without losing uptime. Starline is ideal for the ever-changing mission critical power distribution needs. Find out how Starline Track Busway is overhead power distribution system can serve your business needs. Visit the website today.

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