Have a Beautiful Landing

If you’re an air stewardess, you will understand why you need ten inches of makeup to keep you from looking lifeless and haggard after each flight. Traveling is fun but the flight can zap the youthful appearance from our faces. You could look young and beautiful before the trip and then when the plan lands, everything lands with it.

For long flights, you might want to consider drinking lots and lots of water before, during and after the flight. They’re served on the plane, so, ask for it and take as much as you can. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or other fizzy drinks that they, sometimes, serve too. Well, one or two might not hurt your looks very much but try not to. On top of doing that, you need to moisturize your face before the flight. Green tea has fantastic calming effects on nerves if you’re looking for a beautiful landing.

As for makeup style, I encourage people to go for the I-don’t-really-care-about-the-way-I-look style. The reason? Simple. You’ll look smashingly natural even when tired instead of overdoing the cosmetics. Natural makeup style will bring out the best in your tired state.

Listen to some relaxing music on the flight instead of watching Rambo reruns or some exciting movie which will pump some adrenaline into you. Bring along your iPod or your phone and load them up with your favorite relaxing, calming music so that you can clear your head on flight. This is particularly true if you are the kind of person who have trouble sleeping on the plane.

Some swear to having concealers handy….not the watery kind but the creamy kind that you can actually apply to hide the under-eye dark circles or sudden spots on your face. A thin layer will hide a lot.

Before exiting the airport, especially if you’re about to meet someone and it’s imperative that you look spectacular, head to the toilet and touch up on your makeup before being greeted at the gate. Touch up on your blush, your mascara, concealer, so eye-shadow and don’t forget the lip gloss which will make you look fantastic for that grand entrance into another place.

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