Two Faces Of Facebook

If the growing importance of Facebook wasn’t confusing enough for you, to make matters worse, there are two faces of this dragon. There are Facebook profiles and then there are Facebook pages. It is crucial on understand them to make their optimum use. Here’s a quick guide:
Facebook Profiles are the simple accounts that people open for themselves. Having a profile is what lets the individual to be ‘on Facebook’. Profiles are simple means for people to socialize with their peer group. There is no business element involved.
On the other hand, Facebook Pages are specially meant for businesses. Their prime objective is to let companies communicate with their target audiences in a customized manner that suits them best.
On the face of it both pages and profiles have the same basic layout with a writing wall, a photo gallery and an info tab. But when you see in depth the differences are substantial. First of all, Profiles have ‘friends’ list while pages have ‘fans’. Profiles require manual approval of each friend request but there are no restrictions on becoming fans on pages.
A major advantage of having a page is that it allows you to send mass messages to all your fans but your message recipients list is limited to 20 in profiles. However the biggest plus by far is that on Facebook pages you can build custom page content, layout and even whole applications, which is not possible on Facebook profiles. It takes customized marketing to a whole new level. You can design your company’s page with its logo, design etc. Applications can be run to involve fans like contests, opinion polls etc. Even inquiry envelopes can be posted.
I have shown you the deep and shallow ends of Facebook. When you have to swim, rather swim in the deep. Go ahead, jump in!

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