Mymedmanager Provides Essential Medication Chart

Mymedmanager is a comprehensive and inexpensive, easy-to-use medication organizer that comes with a medication chart that is vital to [enable one to] control one’s health. Mymedmanager is life affirming by empowering a person to take charge of one’s health through its highly useful and effective medication organizer and medication chart.

The birth of mymedmanager is the inspiring story of the love and concern of a daughter for her mother. Grace Bender’s mother was on multiple prescriptions and took over-the-counter medications prescribed by various physicians for many years. It was difficult for her mother to  manage her numerous medications so Grace took on the challenge of organizing her mother’s medical information to generate a solution for effective management of her multiple medications. Grace created a medication chart that helped her mother take the medicines timely, easily, and correctly that eased their anxiety. Both mother and daughter showed each physician and pharmacist her medication chart regularly. Subsequently, aided with organized information and after a thorough evaluation, many medications were changed or stopped. Grace’s mother was in better health and also felt empowered about her own life. Working with organized personal medical information, she and her physicians and pharmacists soon became a “team.” Grace felt inspired when she saw the positive impact on the life of her mother and decided to share her medication organizer and medication chart with others in a similar situation. Thus, out of a daughter’s love for her mother, mymedmanager  was born. Grace dedicates mymedmanager to her beloved mother, Maria Morisi and is happy that it helped her take charge of her health.

Features of mymedmanager include 30 pages of organizational tools to help the user or a caregiver keep track of annual screenings, doctors’ appointments, record of tests and lab work, and medication chart. In the event of a health emergency, the individual will have all medical information at his/her fingertips, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all the physicians along with the medication chart that potentially includes life-saving information. Mymedmanager also provides A-Z labels for the user’s medication bottles, which will simplify taking and keeping track of multiple medications. The accompanying healthcare calendar provides a permanent record of medical appointments, special instructions for medications, and other medical information unique to the user’s health profile. It also includes a bonus wallet card.

Mymedmanager – Personal Healthcare and Medication Organizer is the flagship product of infinisity, inc. that was started in 2002 to improve medication use through the design, creation, and production of various products–including forms, medication charts, and adhesive labels–that help people take their medications more easily and correctly. The company also offers special pricing to corporations, insurance companies, pharmacies, hospitals, and physicians on volume orders. Custom designs and branding are available.

Mymedmanager can be ordered at for $ 19.95. The client also has the option to have mymedmanager customized for his/her company or organization. For more information on health-empowering medication organizer and medication chart including numerous and compelling testimonials on their usefulness and potential life-saving functions, visit: mymedmanager.

MyMedManager is a personal Medication Chart & Medical Diary For Tracking Medications. This book serves as a healthcare organizer & medication tracker for elderly people as well as kids. To find out more visit

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