Facebook for Photographers: How to Use Facebook

The popular social networking service, Facebook.com, has been in operation since 2004. The service boasts of over 500 million active members and is one of the most prominent examples of social networking.

Facebook allows anyone as young as 13 years old to build a profile and search for long lost friends through affiliations, schools, country, and city; add (both old and new) friends; join interest groups or create your own groups; showcase your individuality through uploaded photographs and videos which you can then organize into albums; add applications of various genres; communicate with other members through ‘wall posts’.

Facebook is a powerful network that allows you to connect easily with people you may have known from college or high school, people whom you know professionally as a photographer, past acquaintances, or just new people all together. As a photographer you can use your Facebook profile to distribute content for your friends and family or distribute content from your portfolio of works. This social networking tool has the potential to rake in numerous business clients for your skills, but it can also bring in the wrong crowd as well. To counter this, you can enforce privacy on your images by setting who is allowed to view your content, plus you can always remove certain people from your friends list and block them from contacting you. You can categorize your portfolio images or personal photos, using a system of your choice, into albums to make them easier to find. But not only that, you can further categorize your friends into lists of your own making to make it easier to communicate to groups about photography events you may be hosting and new content in your gallery albums or portfolio.

With this social networking tool, the more “friends” you add to your profile, the better potential for you to have your portfolio seen by potential clients or even admirers of your work. Unfortunately, there is still a limit on the maximum number of friends you can add (5000 currently), but it is still a good number of potential clients who could further introduce you to other people interested in your work. Try as much as possible to keep your content and images regularly updated with new work and images as a stale portfolio is quickly noticed and could cost you in the long run. You can also rely on friends within your network to recommend your skills to people who may be interested through the ‘suggest a friend’ feature.

Rick Valence is a technician at C.R.I.S. Camera Services, a state-of-the art Phoenix camera repair facility. When not working, Rick enjoys hang-gliding, scuba-diving and rock-climbing. Rick at work, Rick updates the C.R.I.S. Phoenix camera repair blog.

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