Portable GPS Mysteries: What Does GSM Have To Do With GPS?

GPS tracker is a gadget that employs Global Positioning System to find out the exact location of a person, vehicle or any other asset. It can be attached to anything that is to be tracked and it helps record the position details of that thing. The recorded information can be stored n the device itself or transmitted to another device. This information can then be used to locate the asset’s precise geographical information on a world map. In layman’s terms, you can locate anything with this device.

The following are some of the types of GPS Trackers:
1.Data Loggers: This device simply keeps a log of its position on a memory device after certain intervals. The data can later be analyzed through a PC to find out the location.
2.Data Pushers: These devices keep sending the positional information to another device, probably a server. The server then analyzes the data and shows the device on a map with exact coordinates.

Lately, due to lowering in prices of GPS trackers, many parents have started to use it to track their children. Also, these can be used to track elderly people who have a tendency of forgetting places and routes or might have gotten in trouble at home. Police authorities can instantly track the location of the device and retrieve the asset or person. This has greatly simplified the job of law enforcement agencies. Moreover, these devices are also used during an adventure race to determine the position of all the participants. Many more modern applications are being discovered as the device is reaching the masses.

GPS trackers with SIM cards work exactly like a mobile phone. Here, you can call on the tracker’s number or send a message to the device. It will reply with a text message containing its positional details in GPS coordinates. Users can these input these details into a tracking tool, such as Google Earth, and precise location of the device is displayed on the map.

GSM compatible devices are cheap as you can also use low-charge ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ card. There is also an alarm function. If pressed, the device instantly texts the location coordinates to two or three mobile numbers. This function is extremely helpful in panic situations. The most important function is the 2 Way/ SOS calling. This allows users to call a pre-defined number in case of an emergency. No other personal calls are permitted.

While purchasing a GPS tracker with SIM functionality, it is important to consider some features. For example, choosing a SIM card with expensive calling/texting charges can defeat the purpose. Select a card according to the charges. The network of the SIM Company should cover most geographical locations. Another important thing is to make sure the GPS tracker has a panic button option so that you message many people at any given time.

The low price of GPS trackers with SIM capability has pushed this device into the general masses. Prices start very low, maybe around $ 50 and go all the way up to $ 150. Parents can feel more secured about their kids and elderly people can have a sigh of relief. Choose this device according to your tracking requirements and security levels desired.

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