I Love The Facebook

First I should say that I am chinese, and in our country we also have a site where we can search for our classmates, friends, family, workmates, and so on, which called renren network, also very popular at home. One day I occasionally saw the facebook, I was interested about that, so I looked at for a while and then choose to join that.
First I choose some people to ask for add friend, many different countries, such as USA, JAPAN, UK, and also some Chinese, many people who just like me want to make friends in facebook.
There are so many different people in the facebook, different countries, different languages, different colours, and different dresses, of course, just like most of the male, I pay more attention to the beautiful girls of the facebook, the pictures of some of them are very beautiful, they have oxeye, fabulous figure and different colours of silky hair, I think they must be using some product to do their hair, like GHD hair straightener or CHI flat iron, which are very good products, you can do your hair everyday at home for free, and also you could change your hairstyle everyday if you wish, it is very convenient. Saw so many beautiful girls I was very happy and I quickly ask for add friends with them, some time later, some of them agreed to make friends with me, even I start to talk with some of them about almost everything, as you know we are in different countries and there are many things we are interested in.
With the method above, I have maken a lot of friends of different countries, even one of my american friends would like to come to China for a visit and I promised him to be his guide! And here is my facebook name: nicholascage, and my head portrait is Michael Jackson, and I love him very much, if you would like to make friends with me, you could add me as your friend!

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