Tracking Santa On Google Earth – Norad Santa Claus Tracker 2010

Norad Santa Claus Tracker 2010 – Tracking Santa On Google Earth

This is the time of  year again where all the Santa Claus fans are trying to track Santa using the Norad Santa Claus Tracker.  It is kind of a fun event where internet surfers can follow a tracking pattern of where Santa Claus has been and where he is headed next on his path of delivering Christmas presents.  Santas path can easily be followed using Google Earth or Maps.  Visitors to the site can watch highlights from his world wide journey.

The Norad Santa Tracker shows visitors Santa’s path and location in real time.  His path for this year involves over 200 countries worldwide and viewers can check out his path as he is moving starting at 2am on Friday morning.  There are a couple of ways users can view Santas path.  The first way viewers are able to see his path is by using the Google Earth Web browser plug in.  Another alternative for viewers is Google Maps for your desktop or even for your cell phone.

Note:  To see where Santa is right now visit Norad Santa Tracker 2010!!

Since 1955 Norad (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has tracked Santas travels around the world and Google has teamed up with them for the past 3 years by integrating Google Earth and Google Maps so they can show viewers live tracking.  This is a cool even every year for kids and adults as they see the awesome spectacle and are able to talk to their kids about Santa Claus and get them all excited.

Santas movements can be follwed in 2d or 3d while using your laptop, mobile phone, or with Google Earth or Maps.  If you are using Twitter hook up with Norads twitter account and receive tweets of Santas location.  Every movement that Santa makes you will be notified with a tweet.  This just makes the Christmas holiday more enjoyable and is cool to see how technology works.


To see what direction Santa his headed visit Norad Santa Claus Tracker!!

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