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Having a clear vision of what you are going to do is important, same as true with having a clear vision of how you want to use the SMS campaign and who are your possible markets. In doing so, you must also consider the resources where you are going to fund you SMS campaign system. Funding of your system is not the only thing that you are going to consider, but also the budget for the people that you are going to hire; including your staff and a technical expertise. If one of those factors is lacked, better do your SMS campaign in a simple way. Sometimes the most effective systems are the simple one.

Majority in our country, SMS had been used because it is the most effective and efficient way to market to your clients. In order to develop and beef up the existing customers as well as providing good relationship and services to your customer, SMS marketing is necessary. The most thriving SMS campaigns and services that have been applied to SMS marketing is the KISS principle which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid’, the title itself may sound stupid, but this kind of principle is what have been always applied. Regarding with email marketing, a certain solution provider will provide you some process of an SMS campaign for you to choose from, so be wise enough in choosing the right SMS campaign for you.

In doing so you must know first what type of SMS campaign you will be choosing. There are four main types of SMS campaign namely the Promotional Communication or Pull Campaign. This type of SMS Campaign is commonly used in promoting a campaign and is similar to retail promotions. Its style is just like the “Text n’ Win” that had been usually used. There are many promotional advertisements that this kind of campaign had been using. Another type of SMS campaign is the CRM, this type of SMS campaign is used to an existing client to maintain and develop relationship as well as creating loyalty for both sides. Example for this were pawnshop, when the maturity dates of your jewelry will come, they are going to send your messages to be informed you about it.

B2E is also another type of SMS campaign. B2E means Business to employee communication. It can be used if you want to promote one of your staff to any higher position and even give your employee some incentives program for them to enjoy. It is a matter of a relationship between your business and its employee. The last type of SMS campaign is the Outbound or Push campaign. Regarding with an email marketing, spam is always been an issue in SMS push campaign that is why it is suitable to be used this because a constructed blueprint can be used for a Spam push campaign.

Aside from choosing the best SMS campaign to be applied, you must also consider the privacy of your customer. There are some SMS campaign senders who trespass the privacy of their recipients. When a person subscribe to a certain promotional advertisement that doesn’t mean that you are allowed to send a message any time you want. In doing so, you’re sent messages will be wasted because of your recipients that do not want to read it anymore. The most important thing about push campaign is to obtain permission to do so. Other than that, you also need to find a way where your recipients’ could readily and easily cop out.

You should also plan your push campaign carefully. You noticed that there were a lot of SMS campaigns that have been failed because of applying it instantly without a thorough planning. Planning is very essential to every aspect of life; whether you are planning for your business of for your life. In SMS campaigns, interacting and involving with the used of a return path to your recipients is much better. You should also plan to cater any possible responses like “thank you” messages and any other messages. In doing so, what you have been working can be self-fulfilling because you know how to plan your SMS campaign.

Timeliness is also important in SMS campaign because it is one of the mobile marketing advantages over other medium. There are some SMS campaigns that will take time or more than an hour just to send any information to their recipients. If you know how to plan or develop your timeliness, you will be able to send a message with just matter of time. You have to keep in mind also that in order to have a good SMS campaign, both contents and timeliness must be well-organized. Be sure also that the messages that you are going to send to your receiver is important and informative so that it will not be useless to the reader. SMS marketing must be more on promotional tool rather than advertising tool.

SMS marketing should be used in order to give value to your recipient; either in the form of promotion or just merely giving some information. For you to do that, you must first know if who are you possible market. The underlying way in knowing your target market is to base it on their age and gender, after doing so; you can add any possible criteria to it. You should also be relevant to the contents of your message if it is also related to the person you were you are going to send your message or not. It must be appropriate so that your SMS campaign will be effective as well as your recipients could relate on it.

It has been proven that SMS is more synergistic than the email marketing because of some factors that the SMS has that email marketing doesn’t possess. What are important in SMS are its content and the number of characters that limit you to do so. You can only used 160 characters in your SMS so you should test in order to have a good content on it. Testing the different version of the messages is much better so that you can see the best response on it. You should also check its time zone if it is relevant or not as well as the age bracket of your recipients for an effective SMS campaign.

Whatever type of SMS campaign you are going to choose to be implemented, you must take also note if the one you have chosen is really the best for you. Conduct a thorough investigation so that you will know if that certain type of SMS campaign will be effective or not. Be sure that the content of your message is appropriate to your recipients in order to avoid misunderstanding. Do your SMS campaign in promotional tool rather than in advertising tool. You must be concerned with your recipients so that a good relationship will also be established as well as loyalty to both parties.

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