Dualband Gps Trackers With Sos Calling Could Sink Your Business

One of the most versatile and powerful GPS tracking devices that you can use are GPS trackers equipped with SOS calling features that make use of existing GSM networks. What these GPS trackers can do besides being a two-way communication device is that they can be programmed to send out SOS alerts to you should the device carrier gets lost or has wondered off a designated virtual perimeter using the GSM network.

The growing popularity of these devices makes them ideal items to sell online at eBay or on your own e-Commerce website. However, there are certain considerations that you should know particularly related to the GSM frequencies that your GPS trackers are designed with. Selling the wrong devices to a wrong market could prove disastrous so it would be best to prepare this venture carefully.

** The Benefits of Using GPS Trackers with SOS Calling Features **

Before starting with your business, it would be best to understand first why GPS trackers with SOS calling features are so popular, particularly with parents and caregivers. These devices are very compact and easy to carry as they can be worn like a necklace around the neck or tossed inside your jean pockets without causing any discomfort on the part of the wearer.

Parents who care much about the welfare of their children prefer to use these devices to monitor the whereabouts of their kids without putting too much restriction on them and giving them some sense of freedom with their movements up to some extent. GPS trackers with SOS calling can send out SMS signals or email via the GSM network to warn you that your kid is going outside the virtual boundary you have set. Should they get lost or in some form of distress, they can contact you immediately through the device which you can also use as a homing beacon to get to their exact location.

Caregivers and families taking care of the elderly or people with disabilities may find these GPS trackers useful. They can be programmed to send out signals every five minutes or so to tell you of the current location of your subject. Should they go out of bounds or in distress, they can use the device to get some help.

** Understanding GSM Frequencies and How is Can Affect Your GPS Tracker Business **

As a reseller of GPS trackers with SOS calling, you should understand the limitations and capabilities that each particular unit you sell have. Some of these units are designed for dualband, triband or quadband GSM frequencies and selling a device with a wrong frequency range to a customer can sink your business faster than your drain so you got to be careful.

To get a better understanding on how this works, you must first understand the different frequencies used around the globe. GSM ranges in frequencies from 450 to 2100 megahertz and different GSM standards operate on particular frequencies within these range. The term quadband means four bands which basically means the GPS tracker device is capable of operating in the 850, 900, 1800, 1900 megahertz a range that is capable of operating anywhere within the globe.

The problem lies with dualband GPS tracking devices. A dualband device for US use is quite different for another dualband device intended for international use. International frequencies use 900 and 1800 megahertz for dualband, while US frequencies use 900 and 1900 megahertz.

What this means is that an international device with a 900 and 1800 megahertz band will work well anywhere in the world except in the United States. In a similar manner, a device designed for US dualband frequencies of 900 and 1900 megahertz will work well in the US, but would fail miserably in other international GSM networks.

Before posting any GPS tracking device for sale on eBay or on your website, be sure that you clearly indicate their operating frequencies. Throw in a disclaimer that so and so device would work only in the US or otherwise. Be clear about it and save your own skin.

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