What a GPS tracker can help you tracking people vehicle and cell phone

Mobile phones constantly emit what is known as a ‘roaming signal’, this is a signal sent out by the mobile phone that is used to determine which nearby antenna tower to connect to for optimum use.

To understand how this works, picture four globes on your ceiling with one in each corner of your room. Now, picture an invisible line from each globe and measure the distance to each one. By knowing the length of each line you can determine your exact position in the room. This is how reverse cell phone lookup service determine your position.

As the mobile phone user moves around the mobile phone tower to which they are connected changes also, switching to whichever antenna is able to provide the strongest signal in any given area, with this generally being the nearest tower located to the user. And so in this way it is possible to determine the approximate location of any mobile phone owner, as long as the phone is kept upon their person.

Twenty-four satellites revolve around the Earth constantly with each satellite broadcasting a different signal. By tracking the distance to four different satellites a GPS device determines your location.

And GPS enabled mobile telephones can be tracked via the Global Positioning Satellites network with ever increasing accuracy.  Meaning that you can be located at any time, anywhere on Earth.

The second type of GPS tracker that people wish to achieve with watches is the real-time tracking of people or children. A parent who wants to be able to find out the location of their children at a moments notice is going to find this application particularly interesting. They want to be able to locate their kids in case of an emergency or in the unlikely occurrence of a child abduction.

In addition to locating cars and helping you on your travels, a GPS system can help alleviate a little stress. If your car is being stolen, all you would have to do is press a button and authorities would be notified, helping to discourage theft. The owner can also gain access to the cars location through the GPS tracking system if the thief is successful. Not only in terms of theft, this feature can also be used if a driver is in an accident or becomes stranded in a remote location. A driver can alert assistance with a simple press of a button to signal for a rescue.

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