Weight And Diet Tracker – Picture How Many Calories You Are Taking

Weight And Diet Tracker

What is a diet tracker? This is an online service that keeps track of the calories you are taking. How do you get an effective diet tracker? On the web are thousands of sites that offer this service. All of them have a uniform approach in their service: look for food, choose the quantity, and be given information on how many calories you will be taking from that food. While this approach of a diet tracker is good, there is one that is better.

Figwee, a different name for a different way of being effective as a diet tracker, is making a name on its own due to the extra services that most online trackers do not have. The Figwee tracks how many calories one food has with the use of pictures. How does it work? Figwee contains a huge library of food images or pictures. Besides getting a picture of the food you want to eat, you will also get a picture of the amount of calories from that food. Weight And Diet Tracker

Let me give you more details to magnify the effectiveness of the Figwee diet tracker. When you add a certain food into your diary, you are able to choose the suitable portion by clicking on the slider up which offers you more food pictures with corresponding calorie values.

The Figwee gives a clearer way of counting calories per food. Restaurants offer a wide variety of foods and each variety corresponds to a specific value of calories. With the Figwee diet tracker, the dieter gets more precise information especially when it comes to calories. This is particularly beneficial since not everyone knows that size matters in calorie counting. What everyone thinks is that a chicken breast, regardless of size, has a fixed caloric value. With Figwee, a different picture means a different caloric value. Weight And Diet Tracker

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