Homeschool Software – Are You Familiar With Homeschool Tracker?

One of the reasons you got into homeschooling, even if not an articulated one, is to avoid the bureaucracy which is a thriving part of public school education. So now that you have set up your own school at home, you want to take care to avoid becoming enmeshed in bureaucratic wrangling at home. One way to achieve this noble goal is to get some homeschool software to help you make sense of and keep up with the administrative chores associated with teaching your child at home. One such software which you should consider is Homeschool Tracker.

The program comes in two editions: a basic edition and a plus edition. The basic model can be downloaded for free while the plus edition can be accessed for a nominal fee. Both versions allow you to maintain attendance and work with assignments. However, the plus version allows you to attend to much more detail such as record attendance in half days and state the reason for an absence. The plus version also allows you to create and maintain a transcript of all of your student’s work and even prepare an official and an unofficial transcript. And while the basic version allows for a teacher’s journal, the plus edition allows for both a student and teacher journal.

One of the other great benefits of the plus version is it gives you the tools with which to create lesson plans and even import plans from other sources, such as fellow parents who home school. You can also copy assignments to a weekly planner and even add the materials and textbooks needed to accomplish each assignment. And while both editions allow you to create and maintain report cards, the plus version affords you more flexibility and options. It even gives you some 36 different reports you can use at your discretion.

This computer software is definitely a resource you should try out as it will give you so much more time for teaching and make your administrative chores easier and more pleasant to do.

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